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Coed Llandegla Visitor Centre and Trail opened to the public in 2005 and now welcomes in excess of 100,000 visitors every year.

Coed Llandegla Forest covers 650 hectares and was planted in 1972/73. It is owned and managed by UPM Tilhill - the UK market leader in forestry and timber harvesting. It provides services to owners of over 200,000 hectares of woodland, and manages 22,000 hectares in Wales alone.

Oneplanet Adventure is the company which runs the facilities at Coed Llandegla Forest. The company is owned and operated by locals Jim Gaffney & Ian Owen, both experienced and enthusiastic mountain bikers.

Did you know that 50% of the Welsh black grouse population lives within one mile of the forest?

It is closely monitored by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Countryside Council for Wales. Offa’s Dyke long-distance footpath crosses the forest.


Coed Llandegla Forest was the first privately-owned forest in Wales to be recognised as a source of sustainable timber and to carry the Forest Stewardship Council logo. Wood from well-managed forests is environmentally-friendly and renewable. It reduces the threat of global warming as trees and wood products act as carbon sinks and, even at the end of its cycle, wood can be used as a bio-fuel. The renewable resource of Llandegla’s timber is increasingly being used in building products such as roof trusses, pallets, fencing and chipboard. The forest grows at a rate that allows the harvesting of 7,000 cubic metres of timber per year without affecting the total volume of timber in the forest.