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Mountain Bike Trails

Coed Llandegla Forest provides a range of routes suitable for cyclists of all abilities and fitness levels.

Which trail is for you?

Please use the Guide to determine which of our trails best suits your abilities in order to have the safest and most enjoyable bike ride. Click to view the guide|.

Family Challenge Route|

5 km/3 miles
A waymarked route of approximately 5km developed specifically with families in mind. The route avoids major climbs and technical sections, and concentrates on allowing families to experience off-road cycling in a fun and safe way.

Beginner Route|

12 km/7.5 miles
A great route to try before embarking on the longer ‘Intermediate’ Route.

Intermediate Route|

18 km/11 miles
Proficient mountain bikers with a high skill level must try this fantastic route.

Black Runs|

21 km/13 miles
Steeper downhill stretches and much more challenging technical features. These sections are designed for mountain bikers who are used to physically demanding routes.

Please also read our Personal Safety Guide| and Forest Cycle code| before setting off!

Personal Safety

  • Ride within your ability
  • Ensure your bike is safe to ride and be prepared for all emergencies
  • Always carry some sort of identification
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back
  • Reflective materials on your clothes or bike can save your life
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet
  • Particular care should be taken on unstable or wet surfaces

Follow the Forest Cycle Code